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Brock Sutton Allen Is Dead, Long Live Kabeia Rineaki (Archived)

It’s all gone. The Facebook account Brock Sutton Allen (Kabeia Rineaki) that I made in middle school has vanished. And while I have received blocks and warnings in the past, this recent strike came out of nowhere as I had shifted most of my sh*tposting to Twitter. To the best of my recollection I can count on one hand the times when my account was notified of legal or community guideline issues on Facebook:

  1. When I was asked to admin a conservative page, which I never posted to. I’d tell you the name but that’s how neglectful my involvement was, I have forgotten it. When that page and the creator were deleted I was somehow guilty by association and received a notification that I wouldn't be able to post for a couple of days. I considered this a fluke and simply carried on. If Facebook is capable of deleting one’s entire existence it seems reasonable to assume they can properly trace who is to blame for what.
  2. When I posted a video of a star projector I had in my room and I was playing music from the Passengers soundtrack. The audio was flagged, muted, and I was notified. Technically justifiable, but a bit hamfisted. If it’s not being monetized background music probably shouldn’t pose a threat to any IP holders. But no ban, just the warning.
  3. When I jokingly called other minorities “darkies” on the page “The Antagon” that I created with libertarian and conservative minorities. The post was mocking an article bemoaning the recent spike in [censored disease] cases with people of color, when just prior to that footage had been released of that same demographic partying, packed elbow to elbow without masks. This came as a retroactive action as the post was months old and I got a 3 day ban, which I submitted for manual review.
  4. Posting Kyle Rittenhouse memes on Facebook's first Otoya Yamaguchi page (which I also created and was the singular admin for. All them having been gleaned from Facebook. This was considered such a threat to Facebook that not only was I banned from posting for a week but my usage of Facebook Messenger was blocked.

Taken individually or even all together I contend --then and now-- that none of these things should constitute deplatforming. I would do it all again and defend it the same way. When I’m using social media, I’m a bit of a power user. I was starting to move on to 3K Friends. But all those connections, posts, and community contributions are gone.

Additionally deleted are all the Groups, Pages, and Collections dedicated to

  • My homeland of Kiribati
  • Seasteading
  • Pacific Geopolitics
  • Tech News
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chinese Imperialism
  • Conservative Interests
  • Libertarians Interests
  • Big Tech’s Growing Influence
  • The Journo-Academic Complex
  • And a slew of pop-culture topics

But while I am fairly sad at the loss of all these resources I am honestly more angry. Even now I feel mocked as Facebook kindly recommends the same people I was friends with on my old profile. Feel free to add my new profile and follow me on all other platforms which can be found at I’ll be adding more and more as time goes on. I refuse to be silenced.

Update: it appears that I was part of a larger purge